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Buying cheap used excavators is getting multiple benefits. In the first place, it is to be able to develop your work with greater accuracy, but above all it is savings and is comfort.
In Servicios J. Duran  we offer you safe and high quality products.


In any construction work of public works in which it is necessary to carry out excavations it is essential to have an excavator or shovel, and if this is second-hand that allows lower costs, much better.

In Servicios J. Duran  we have a large stock of used excavators that are perfect to meet all kinds of needs. In addition, with any of them you will have the feeling of having obtained quality, why? Very simple, we explain it to you.

In our company we take the acquisition of these equipment very seriously. Therefore, it is necessary for us, first of all, to make a pre-purchase review that guarantees that the equipment is in perfect condition.

When the machines are already in our possession, they are not ready for sale. These pass through the workshop and replace the parts that we consider to be worn and could soon be damaged with normal use.
In this way, you can be totally calm that, buying a used excavator with us, the quality of this is not too far from that of a factory outlet.
In addition, when you buy an excavator with us, you can hire a transport service to get your new acquisition to the point you want. You will save time and money, do you need more reasons to buy your new excavator at Servicios J. Duran?
If you are in the opposite case and need to get rid of your old excavator, put it in our hands and give it a new life. We guarantee that we will find the best owner there may be after you.